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Remscheid’s Crane specialist – KULI - is attending the BAUMA 2019 in Munich

KULI Hebezeuge – Helmut Kempkes GmbH is a manufacturer of cranes, electric wire rope hoists, crane components, as well as special designs. From April 8th to April 14th, at the world’s largest construction facility exhibition, the BAUMA in Munich, KULI will be presenting a large twin hoist with a lifting capacity of 45 tonnes and a lifting height of 15 meters. After the show, this hoist will be installed on a Double Girder Crane, which is going to be used for the transport of moulded concrete parts, as well as pre-built garages. With a selection of features and options, this crane is going to be something truly extraordinary. One of our latest innovations is our energy recovery device. Energy, which is generated by the crane’s various brakes is being fed back into the power network. This allows for a considerable saving of energy and decreases the CO2 footprint of companies who consider environmental preservation one of their priorities. All movements are finely tuned and allow the user to work safely through incredibly precise controlling of the crane. Further, we are going to display a variety of wheel bogies, electric chain hoists, as well as monorail and double girder wire rope hoists with optimized hook approaches. At our stand you’ll be able to confirm the quality of our products for yourself.

KULI has been acting as manufacturer of hoists since 1922, and distributes their quality products worldwide to over 120 countries. In the Allgäu, the Kö in Düsseldorf and in the Baltic Sea, you will see KULI hoists at work as much as in Greenland, Dubai or Antarctica.

KULI’s spectrum of products includes EOT, Gantry- and Underslung Cranes – depending on the model, featuring lifting capacities of 1-200 tonnes and spans of 40m and more – as well as the components used to build such cranes. The scope is further enhanced by electric chain hoists with lifting capacities of 125-5.000 kg, as well as all-purpose platforms that are able to reach heights of up to 14 meters. And on top of all of that, there’s our well proven and sophisticated customer service.

KULI’s success is based on the company’s high vertical integration, which allows for attractive pricing of not only our stock products, but highly customized solution too. Our construction kit-based assembly system, as well as localized production of all major components, allows for flexible and fast supply. Among these major components are steel manufacturing, motors, planetary gears, rope drums and control panels. And their own necessary parts, for example motor shafts or pinions are from our own shop floor as well.

KULI Hebezeuge – Helmut Kempkes GmbH
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