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An overview of our product range

KULI all-purpose platforms

More than 50 years of experience and the latest technical know-how are reflected in the proven design of the electro-hydraulic KULI all-purpose platforms. Whether in factory building or on outdoor plants, these platforms allow safe working even in difficult to access locations.

Some parts of the German accident prevention regulations (UVV), e.g. UVV Cranes BGV D6 §10, also specify stable work platforms secured against falling. The high structural stability complies with the requirements of EN 280.

It allows safe working at full height up to wind force 6. Based on these stringent safety requirements, this equipment provides universal possibilities for all anticipated assembly, maintenance, cleaning and repair work. The honed and ground telescopic cylinder is secured against twisting by an internal groove guide.

When retracted, all cylinder stages are fully surrounded by hydraulic oil and hence protected against corrosion. The standard hard chrome plating also ensures a long service life. All control elements and the manual emergency discharge valve are integrated in an electro-hydraulic drive block. The use of these platforms contributes to the saving of scaffolding costs and faster elimination of malfunctions.

To date, more than 14000 KULI all-purpose platforms have been tried and tested around the world - proof of the reliability, safety, cost-effectiveness and advanced technology.

As well as the standard KA and KF versions, we are pleased to supply other types on request.

All-purpose platform type KA 6 - KA 14

with 4 steering rollers

Favourable transport dimensions ensure easy and manoeuvrable driving, even through tight doors and angled aisles. Compact construction and short distance to the wall allows versatile use. Simple one-man operation enables immediate operational readiness in a few simple steps: Lowering the spindles, pulling up the hand rails, switching on the power.

Load capacity 300 kg = 2 persons + material

All-purpose platform type KF 6 - KF 14

with trailer chassis

For quick, mobile uses, even over greater distances, this platform with trailer hitches is preferred for cars, estate cars or lightweight trucks. When required, the trailer chassis is removed in a few simple steps and the compact platform can also be used in confined spaces.

Load capacity 300 kg = 2 persons + material


For repairs or maintenance, for assembling or filling shelves - the KULI Lift is always at the right height.


KB 5

Load capacity in kg


Platform height in m


Approx. working height in m


Travel speed in km/h


Platform dimensions in mm

600 x 850 x 1100

Battery voltage


Net weight kg