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An overview of our product range

Crane components

We supply complete kits for building cost-effective cranes: Standard end carriages, standard chassis, suspended chassis, variable travelling drives with pole-changing or frequency-controlled motors, electric hoists up to a load capacity of 200 t, power supplies, contactor controllers, wireless controllers, frequency controllers, etc.

KULI standard crane parts are the product of many years of experience and consistent further development. Together with the close collaboration and exchange of experience with crane and steel construction companies throughout the world, our know-how and experience from our own crane construction, benefits our customers.

Standard end carriage type NKS

For crabs and normal standard cranes.

Direct drive of flanged wheels by brake motors with flat brakes.
Maintenance-free gearing.

Standard end carriage type NK

Ideal for cranes with higher wheel loads and stresses as well as larger span widths. Screw-on drive unit heads of type K with flange-less wheels made of ductile iron. Guide rollers can be adjusted via the eccentric cam. Optimum driving performance and low lateral forces.

Drive unit heads, type K

Can be used anywhere in rail-connected transport systems in machine, equipment and plant construction. Cost-effective use of the screw-on drive unit heads for concrete spreaders, transfer tables, storage and retrieval systems, transport trolleys, automatic assembly lines, welding systems, machines for pre-cast concrete plants, foundries, and stone and quarry industries.

Offset geared motor FG

Ideal for crabs and cranes with higher loads. Drive group FEM 3 m. Frequency-controlled or pole-switching drives with soft start. Shaft/hub connection via splined shafts with involute flanks.

Angular geared motor WG

Robust spur/bevel geared motors for gantry cranes and overhead cranes with heavy loads. Variable, adjustable frequency inverter drives for gentle acceleration and deceleration processes. Shaft/hub connection via splined shafts with involute flanks.

Double trolleys

for heavy-duty overhead or gantry cranes
Less stress of the crane track due to better wheel load distribution. Drive via two or four drives.

Suspended drive unit type HF

Universal for suspended cranes and crabs

Double drive unit type HF 220

for large wheel loads and for reducing flange stresses. Use of the suspended drive units on the bottom flange of normal rolled sections or welded box girders.