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We have dedicated ourselves to your loads for more than 90 years

1922 - Production of the first electrical KULI block and tackle in Remscheid
1947 - Founding of the Kempkes company by Helmut Kempkes in Duisburg
1952 - Production of the first crane in Duisburg
1957 - Purchase of KULI production in Remscheid by Helmut Kempkes
1959 - Merger of the 2nd company at the Remscheid location
1962 - Production of the first radio-controlled workshop crane in Germany
1979 - Opening of the second factory in the industrial area of Remscheid - Großhülsberg
1979 - Appointment of Dipl. - Ing. Heinz Helmut Kempkes to company management
1980 - Major fire in Factory 1 in Remscheid and start of reconstruction
1995 - Production of the world's strongest 4-cord electric wire rope hoist
with a capacity of 63,000 kg
1999 - Founding member of RAL "Gütegemeinschaft Kranservice" (crane service product association) GKS
2005 - Founding member of Interlogistics Research Foundation - Material Handling and Logistic Systems ("Forschungsgemeinschaft Intralogistik
Fördertechnik und Logistiksysteme") IFL
2009 - Appointment of Dr. - Ing. Helmut Oliver Kempkes to company management
2011 - Exhibition of a complete double-girder crane with 63,000 kg at the
CeMAT in Hanover